Evaluation and Outcomes.

We will closely monitor the volume of sale in Uganda. This will allow us to perform the first evaluation of the employ-ability Programme 2-3 months from the launch.

The profits will be balanced against the costs of running programme and further development will be introduced. We will be develop other forms of helping vulnerable women in order to lift them out of poverty.

Accordingly, we will create more programmes in other parts of Africa to fight poverty and malnutrition by creating simple employment opportunities.

Next Step

Equal Opportunities is seeking financial support in order to create this first long tern sustainable Employ-ability Programme which will empower the first batch of 50-100 women admitted to the Mwanamugimu nutrition unit by offering them a permanent employment opportunity and facilitate them toward self-reliance.

This will accordingly lift them from poverty and prevent their children from being admitted to a malfunction unit in the future.

To do that, we kindly ask your organization to consider our application and provide us with the funds/grant which will allow us to expand our activities and implement programme.

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