Black people are the least successful people in the world.

According to research in USA, White people are five times richer than black people.

In the UK alone, half of young black males are unemployed. In Africa, Poverty is the continent,s middle name.

Yes. White people and racism can be blamed here and there for the suffering of the black people, but the truth is most of the suffering of the black race is self inflicted.

Black people refuse to think for themselves, One of the greatest gifts God gave to mankind is the ability to think critically but sadly black people refuse to do this, Take for instance what’s happening in Uganda, A country that used to depend on its agriculture industry for many decades and when Mr Museveni came to power 32 years ago, the first thing he did is to destroy the same institution that the people and the country has depended on for centuries and he’s argument was that people needed to think outside the box apparently this was the 21st century and people needed to take risk. Uganda used to be one of the major exporters of coffee in the world making it non-dependant from the western world but when the man claiming to have been sent from Heaven to rule Uganda, took power the first thing he did was to sell off all marketing boards like coffee marketing board making it hard for the ordinary people to sell their products anywhere, Thus impoverting the country . leaving them needing.

A lot of them have turned to God hoping to find some sort of sanctually,

Donald Trump is reported to have said black are lazy. Black people thought it was it was a racial statement unfortunately it was the Brutal truth.

Being the poorest people in the world, Yet the most religious , Believing that God should some how miraculously bless them with wealth by going to church day and night, They have turned the night prayer in Uganda as the most trending or somewhat fashionable.

My TEAM went and instigated a Black circus of religion called the Pentecostal church or some times call themselves pastas MEN of God. Being a part of this establishment has made people completely Retarded as their no longer able to use Their =God given mind to think for themselves. A lot of people enter the church building with money and leave it there thinking that would give them a break through and I’m talking about people who  are actually well educated and advanced in society. Very sad indeed.

We watched in sadness as hundreds of black brothers and sisters flocked these churches as we were entering into the New year for all Night services dubbed the crossovers leaving churches at early hours of the morning on New years day. Most of these crossover service have nothing to do with the salvation of soul seeking the face of God but rather claiming financial breakthrough and miracles.

The black pastors, spiritual fathers -made the most of New year,s eve for themselves . New year is a time to make more millions as they tell their gullible followers to sow seeds so that they will be Blessed in 2018, surely this should mount to fraud if taken seriously, I saw one pastor driving hammer, a motor vehicle worth £60,000 when I asked why they had to drive such expensive motors and wear expensive garments, The answer was that they had to shine so that they can access God easily ? I don’t know weather that was meant to be a joke the same joke they tell single women that they will be getting married in 2018, People were promised big breakthroughs, cars, houses, Businesses, promotions etc.

Now the sad thing is theses gullible followers were promised the same very thing the previous year. They were also told that 2017 was their year but at the end of the year, they are exactly the same as they were the previous year.

Ok maybe its gullible Africans ????

Lets take a lip and see what’s happening in in the UK. They are called UK prosperity false prophet, Uebert Angel resorted to porn star Ray J as his guest of honour at his crossover all night services just to pull the crowds. Just in case you didn’t know Ray J, he,s the black American who made Kim Kardashian rich and famous.

Zimbabwe  probably has the highest population of properity:prophates in Africa even though it is now the second poorest country in the world.

Ghana,s spiritual leader Bishop Dr . Obinim promised his followers that 2018. Work on the good prophecies and dreams to materialise-

Madness I’m afraid this madness goes on like clock wise all the way to the united states and my message to you, Is 2018 is just like any other year. You make it special by your own efforts.

I hope I haven’t offended anyone in this article But its the Brutal truth.