What are most pleasing five lettered words



Is it  money

Or is it sorry, 

Ok let me give you a clue, it increases your face value. before I give you an answer let me ask you a Question ?

why are we constantly bugging our minds down with anxiety. Why does the most advanced state in the world have a Trump in the office yet it boosts of having a full valley of brains.

why is the world tipping over at an alarming speed. why are people in Africa starving to death, yet its supposed to be the food basket of the world. Now when I learned about the Health statistics in Africa I was numbed to the bone and the most disturbing fact was that it was actually the children that were at the end of the sword. Aggregated nutrition data in the Uganda Demographic and health survey {2011) results indicates stunting to affect an estimated at over 13.5% of children in Kampala and wakiso district respectively, wasting affect about 5% of children while about 13% of children are underweight . Chronic malnutrition is a manifestation of past histories as regards food intake, disease prevalence and the general social and economical factors. Now What does all this mean. IT means ladies and gentlemen that there is Nutrition unit in Africa some where in Uganda where at least 100 children are admitted every month with severe acute malnutrition and various forms of illnesses. Of these children over 40% die due to malnutrition related complications, moreover even for those children who survive there life spun is between 5 to 8 months. So after I learned




it took our team at least one year to find the answer and we couldn’t believe what it was ???

To be continued