About Our Team

Meet the Key Personnel

Nassar Kizza

Managing Director, Equal Opportunities
Mr Kizza is a British/Uganda national with a deep knowledge of the non-for-profit sector and the issues affecting the Ugandan community. Mr Kizza speaks the local language and has made numerous supportive visits on behalf of Equal Opportunities to Kampala and Mwanamugimu nutrition unit in Mulago National Referral Hospital.

Ssenyondo Muzafaru

Secretary – Equal Opportunities
Mr Ssenyondo is a qualified nutritionist who mobilises the community and screens for the severely malnourished children, sensitises the community about nutrition. He also undertakes courses in Agriculture that help in ensuring food security in rural areas.

Sharifah Makula

Vice Chairperson – Equal Opportunities
She is in charge of designing and implementation of several community based activities including seed for planting, energy saver charcoal stoves and jerrycan for safe storage of drinking water to women groups as well as demonstrating of locally made washing facilities.

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