Some are what they are by what they do or did and others are what they are by what was done to them,

Which makes them to be victims of the situation which was set by unknown circumstances, some say we are given the GIFT of unique identities, and not to ever lose them by trying to be just one among the crowd. it’s either positive or negative identity captivity, sometimes it makes you cry, you take a deep breath and recover. other times you spill the milk , cry, and roll around in it. Being in the “captivity of negativity” means that you’re in a rut. It feels like there is a tornado of negativity picking up speed. and you’re stuck in the storm cellar beneath it.  This is why we are looking for volunteer’s to come and join us do something  positive for these poor children even if you just want to donate  your children’s old shoes, you will see the smile you put on another child that will infact impact your actions.

We are living on the 28/05/17  to go to Uganda Kampala, we will be delighted if you can join us