What is Equal Opportunities Worldwide?

Equal Opportunities Worldwide is a UK based charitable organisation that provides support to people in need, especially women and children in Africa.
In the UK, Equal Opportunities is involved in the door-to-door clothing banks collection of reusable clothing and unwanted household items for distribution to women and children in Uganda. Since 2012, we have distributed these items in Kampala, Uganda; providing assorted food packs and second hand clothes, financial support to community women groups and regular visits in support of the sick who are admitted in hospitals.
Equal Opportunities Worldwide also provides regular support to mothers and caretakers of malnourished children admitted to the Mwanamugimu nutrition unit in Mulago National Referral Hospital through donation of personal care items like toiletries, used clothes and toys.

It is the experience of seeing over 100 severely malnourished children admitted to that clinic that has pushed us to think of transforming our services from short term oriented of distributing hand-outs to long term sustainable employment programs aimed at lifting mothers out of poverty. These programs if successful will empower the women whose children are admitted in these malnutrition units by offering them employment and facilitating them towards self-reliance. This in our view will contribute to the development of better health and educational infrastructure for the children.

How did Equal Opportunities World Start?
It was started in Uganda around 2000 as “Hajji Musa Kasule Foundation” with the aim of uplifting people in need in selected communities in Kampala and wakiso districts out of poverty. Over the years, the organisation was committed to helping people meet their needs such as providing financial assistance and physical training to youth clubs engaged in football and boxing, financial assistance to community women based groups to carry out income generating activities and regular visits in support of the sick while admitted in hospitals.

In 2011, the organisation visited Mwanamugimu, a nutrition rehabilitation unit for malnourished children at Mulago National Referral Hospital, the experience of seeing over 100 severely malnourished children admitted with severe malnutrition and learning that every month over 20% of these children die due to the severe malnutrition while I the hospital, despite Uganda a basket of food for East Africa region was a turning point.
A decision to expand the organisation activities to include “the fight against malnutrition” through improving welfare and empowering caretakers of the malnourished children was taken. But this new challenge could nt be tackled with the vision and objectives of Hajji Musa Kasule Foundation. Several changes were then embarked on over six month’s period thus giving birth to Equal Opportunities in January 2012.

Our Goals and Objectives
Our goal is to create opportunities for people in need of all backgrounds, especially women and children through empowering them and improving their welfare in order to create life with good health, education, and livelihood.
Our objective is to;

  • To offer innovative, efficient and effective life transforming services among vulnerable groups of people in need through our charity service delivery.
  • To create long term sustainable employment programs to empower communities, especially women and children, and facilitate them towards self-reliance.
  • To provide opportunities for the betterment of lives for mothers which contribute to the development of health and educational infrastructure for children.
  •  To design, implement and monitor community based preventative nutrition interventions targeting children nutrition in selected communities in Kitebi and Bunamwaya (Wakiso District) and Kawempe (Kampala district)
  • To improve the knowledge, attitude and practices regarding nutrition and welfare among mothers and caretakers of children in selected communities in Kitebi, Bunamwaya and Kawempe, through designing. Implementing and monitoring community based preventative nutrition and welfare interventions
  • To apply the above objectives and apply our services to other African countries initiating all programs in malnutrition units wherever they may be found.

Why do we need your Support?

We need your financial support in order to run our vulnerable women employment programs, to purchase necessary items such as a shipping container and a van, and to maintain our monthly commitments such as; the cost of shipping, storage facilities and staff salaries.
In return, we shall create the first long term sustainable employment program in Kampala, Uganda that will empower 50 -100 most vulnerable women by offering them permanent employment opportunities. This will accordingly lift them out of poverty and prevent their children from being admitted to malnutrition centres in future.

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