Six years ago when I started doing this work, I met a man by the name of Muhusin one of the most successful Ugandan entrepreneur who happens to be a very intellgent human being,  made a statement that continues to echo in my mind till this day.

He said that there,s a thread of characteristic that links all successful people and another thread of characteristics linking all failures, no matter where they are. He said this some time in November 210, while addressing the Author,s forum, a monthly inspiration event that’s organised for every Ugandan who wants to  boost their creativity and entrepreneurial skills.

How true this is ! Come to think of it ! Successful people live in the same neighbourhood, hang out in the same places, marry amongst themselves, well maybe with the exception of megahn ,read the same books, take risks, blame no one for their flaws, invest in themselves no matter the amount, they are always open to learning new ideas, they think positively even amidst very stressing situations, and they seek advice from each other meaning they are on the success network.

On the other hand , failures blame others for their problems, they wake up late, they enjoy showing off, they love consuming more than they save and produce , they rarely ask questions even if they don’t understand, they fear taking risks, they hate investing in the themselves even in their health even going to the gym is a struggle, they can spend £ 100 in a bar, but refuse to buy an inspiration book of £20 saying its too expensive, they hang out in the same places meaning football is the main topic, they marry amongst themselves meaning a generation of failures’, and worst of all they are not open to change. They are on the failure network

I have to say this, even if it hurts some people and I’m saying it in love, like a doctor performing a caesarean procedure, knowing that even when it causes pain, the ultimate aim is to save the baby and the mother.

If you want to aim at earning millions, you have to associate yourself with those earning millions

If your aiming for billions you need to surround yourself with people who think, plan and aim in billions, your as good as your network.

It is a fact the people we spend most time with have some level of influence on our attitudes and behaviour, and eventually on what we become. In a way, they participate in shaping our Destiney, it is thus, important that we make sure we are not surrounded by people who might kill our dreams, that’s why my children,s best friends are Richard Branson’s kids, ( if only I can find out where they live?

Who are you linked with? Are you on the network of alcoholics or frustrated lazy people who think the world is unfair?

Or are you in the network of achievers who are not afraid of facing new challenges. Six years ago I took on a challenge of helping severely malnourished children in Uganda by providing them with assorted food packs and second hand clothing and also financial assistance, at least I thought it was going to be that easy.  NO IT WASN,T CHILDREN IMAGES  please be advised the images are a bit disturbing? So WHY not as easy as that,

because if you wanted to make the children happy you had to make their care takers happy? who in this case were their mothers, the poor souls, OK! maybe I could still handle that 2 birds one stone? NO sir not yet, then there was the team of care takers at the nutrition clinic, then there was a team of doctors and nutritionists and the list goes on.

Ok then? What does all this mean? It meant that if I had to take on the challenge, I had to carry its full weight and that was to understand the people involved in this network, I had to associate myself with doctors who have been in this field for a while, mothers who had to watch their little ones perish in front of their eyes. young mothers who were raped at an early age, who are still children themselves,

Like the sexual network, success and failure networks are powerful, I surrounded myself with people who believed in me, corrected me, advised me and challenged me to become the best me. I remember when I volunteered to do some evening shifts at the salvation Army, kerbey St E14 6AJ. The manager Mr Tarlock, a honourable gentleman who later became my mentor, Bless his heart, told me one hard fact, after mentoring me for a period of 6 months, he advised me to go back to school if I wanted to reach my goals, I found that some times we reach our targets and confuse them with our goals, strange how someone who dreams of becoming a great musician can spend most of his/her time in the company of people who know nothing about music. If you want to become a great sportsman what business do you have hanging around brick layers? If you hang around nine lazy people, you will most likely become the tenth!

Without the right people around you, your great ideas might die. I spent 2 years learning social and health care, I spent 2 years learning a post graduate-management and leadership, I spent a year achieving a diploma in sports and training, I’m still learning myself in language skills and confidence to familiarise myself with environment and expectations, if you had to read me my stars 6 years ago that I would be writing and reaching out to thousands of interesting people like you, I would have genuinely  told you straight that you were insane, how ironic,  you need success-minded people, even if it means spending money to get a moment with them, that’s why all these big charities are going to fail in my opinion because they have not invested enough to find out the root causes infact I will dedicate my next segment to enlighten my followers about their short comings,

Net working with the right people will open for you doors to opportunities that you never knew even existed. The assumption that successful people are unapproachable is a disproved theory. The reason they are unreachable for some is because those people approach them asking them for money instead of ideas.

Past is a waste paper, Present is a news paper and future is a question paper, Come out of your past, Control the present. We used pencil when we were small but now we use pens, Do you know why? Because mistakes in childhood can be erased but not now, so if you have found any mistakes in this segment please do bear with us, we are still learning.