The Trident programme was initiated during the cold war it was designed to deter the powerful soviet union and its war saw pact allies in Europe.

The Trident system was intended to pose a potential threat to key aspects of soviet union state power whilst being invulnerable to a surprise or deter pre-emptive nuclear strike.

Post cold war.

In December 1994 the soviet union no longer existed and the government and it’s nuclear policy in the years to follow .

Under the terms of the 1987 intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty with the soviet union, the united states withdrew it’s surface naval nuclear weapons.

The GLCMs were withdrawn from the uk in 1991- The British conservative government followed suit. The deployment of ships carrying nuclear weapons caused embarrassment during the Falkland’s war and in the aftermath it was decided to stockpile them ashore in peace time. The nuclear depth bombs were withdrawn from service in 1992.

The future of the united kingdom’s Nuclear Deterrent recommend that nuclear weapons should be maintained and outlined measures that would so ?

Costs for this option are estimated at £15-20 billion based on.

£0.25 billion to participate in us Trident D-5 missile life

£11-14 billion for a class of four new SSBNs

-£2-3 for refurbishing warheads

-£ 2-3 billion for infrastructure ?? Now your probably wandering where I’m going with all this finding and I’ll gladly tell you. In a period of 2 months we have been struck by a virus that’s so thin that you actually need a super magnified glass to see and has disabled the whole world to it’s knees. We have all these super powers building Atomic bombs which in my opinion will never be used or at least I hope they will never be used, costing billions of pounds to build and later on maintained for years and years. I mean can you imagine the devastation this has caused ? some countries might not even recover from this financially, ?? Surely isn’t it time to reflect .

When us President Donald Trump built a fence between USA and Mexico . It was meant to block Mexicans from entering US, as we speak, strange and unprecedented things have happened in this period of corona virus, The government of Mexico is doing everything possible to stop US citizens from entering their country.

What goes around comes around, US citizens are destroying their own fence to enter Mexico due to increasing covid-19. USA has more than 250,000 cases of covid-19 while Mexico has less than 500 cases . US citizens are running away from their homes to be refugees in Mexico , this is a lesson, even a rich person can borrow a needle from a poor person.

Don’t despise your fellow being because of where you are today. That table can turn.

When God bless you financially, don’t build walls but expand your tables to accommodate the poor. Position is not possession. I need you , you need me. Be safe people and protect yourselves.